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  • Prof. Ferenc Simon

    professor at the TU Budapest
    venia docendi (Privatdozent) at the Universität Wien

    Titles: PhD, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Two habilitations: at the TU-Budapest, at the Universität Wien
    Professional services: Referee for >10 journals (incl. Nature, PRL), Scientific Reports Editorial Board Member (since 2017), Referee/Board member for >20 PhD
    Editor for Fizikai Szemle (Journal of the Hungarian Physics Society), (since 2018)
    Member of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the TU-Budapest (2011-2016)
    Member of the Physics Doctoral School Board of the TU-Budapest (since 2011)
    Secretary of the Solid state physics commitee of the Eötvös Physics Society (since 2015)
    Deputy director of the Institute of Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (since 2015)

    Former students:

    Before 2010:Sándor Tóth (2007-2008) MSc, Máté Galambos (2008-2010), Gábor Fábián (2009-2011) (BSc+MSc)
    Since 2010:Péter Szirmai (2010-2013) BSc+MSc, Anita Karsa (2010-2014) BSc+MSc, Lénárd Szolnoki (2013-2014) MSc, Milán Negyedi (2010-2014) BSc+MSc, Balázs Gyüre (2010-2015) BSc+MSc Dávid Iván (2012-2015) BSc+MSc(co-adv.), Bence Bernáth (2012-2015) BSc+MSc, Bence Márkus (2012-2015) BSc+MSc, Sami Dzsaber (2012-2015) BSc+MSc, Dorina Ágner (2015-2016) BSc (co-adv.), Anna Békési (2015-2016) BSc (co-adv.), Gábor Csosz (2015-) BSc+MSc, Sándor Kollarics (2015-) BSc+MSc, Julianna Palotás (2013-2017) BSc+MSc, Olivér Sági (2016-) BSc

    Present students (2017-):

    Lénárd Szolnoki (PhD)
    Balázs Gyüre (PhD)
    Bence Márkus (PhD)
    Iván Gresits (PhD, co-supervised)
    Sándor Kollarics (MSc)
    Gábor Csosz (MSc)
    Olivér Sági (MSc)
    Anett Gyüre-Garami (BSc)

    Collaborators within the PROSPIN project:

    Dr. Annamária Kiss (senior researcher, Wigner Research Institute)
    Dr. Balázs Dóra (professor, TU-Budapest)

    Scientific visits of invited guests:

    Prof. Dr. Adrian Bachtold (The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona, SP) 2011
    Dr. Christian Kramberger (University of Vienna, AT) 2012
    Prof. Dr. Hans Kuzmany (University of Vienna, AT) 2012
    Prof. Dr. Henri Alloul (University of Paris-Sud, FR) 2012
    Prof. Dr. Károly Holczer (UCLA, USA) 2012
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Pichler (University of Vienna, AT) 2012
    Prof. Dr. F. I. B. Willliams (CEA, Saclay, FR) 2012
    Prof. Dr. Cedomir Petrovic (Brookhaven National Lab, USA) 2014
    Dr. Julió Chacón Torres (University of Vienna, AT) 2014
    Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Fabian (University of Regensburg, DE) 2015
    Prof. Dr. Éva Jakab-Tóth (CNRS-Orleans, FR) 2015
    Dr. Martin Gmitra (University of Regensburg, DE) 2015
    Dr. Phillip Vecera (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, DE) 2016
    Dr. Frank Hauke (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, DE) 2016
    Prof. Dr. Henri Alloul (University of Paris-Sud, FR) 2017


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