Dr. Mária Palasik's presentation in Prague

Mária Palasik, associate professor of our department delivered lecture about "Women at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics" at the Charles University in Prague at the International Conference June 8-11, 2003.

The conference was organised by the Commission Women in Science of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science/Division of History of Science (IUHPS/DHS) and Research Centre for the History of Sciences and Humanities founded by the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University, Prague in co-operation with:

Czech Technical University, Prague
Gender Studies Centre of the Philosophical Faculty, Charles University, Prague
National Museum of Science and Technology, Budapest, Hungary
Institute of Contemporary History of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Institute of History of the Charles University and the Archives of the Charles University, Prague
Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
National Contact Centre Women & Science, Prague
National Technical Museum, Prague
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Polish Academy of Sciences.

Participant of the conference arrived from 14 countries, mainly from Europe, but some of them from the USA and China. In the three plenary sessions and the two parallel sessions were delivered 37 papers, among them lecture of Vámos Éva (general director of the National Museum of Science and Technology, Budapest) about Women chemists at the state chemical institutes.

The text of the presentation in a Word document is downloadable from here...

>> www.vcdv.cas.cz/women/prg.php


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