The aim of our department is to make students familiar with social aspects of scientific problems related to them. In order to reach this aim, we apply an interdisciplinary approach in our research that covers the topics of contemporary innovation approach and point of views of research of the future, history and politology.

Our lecturers have earned their degrees in different scientific areas (nature studies, economics, liberal arts), so they benefit from their studies during their innovation and historical research.

We put a great emphasis on the education of students on our Ph.D. programs and we thrive to provide them a possibility of further studies in foreign institutions with the help of scholarships.

We also consider that students' participation in Student Competition in Science is important (and we do support them in many ways for their success), because in our opinion through their work in the Competition, students can deepen their knowledge, as well as they can improve their presentation skills indispensable in real work conditions.


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