Observation of the observers - International Conference

International Conference arranged by the UrbanEye Project of the EU 5th frame-program and by our Department...

Place: "Oktatói Klub", K building 1st floor 66.
Date: 17th January 2003, 09:00

The URBANEYE project shall provide a comparative overview of institutional contexts of CCTV in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom by textual interpretation of policy documents, legislation and the analysis of media discourses in selected print media.

The project shall examine the technical functions, the spatial configuration of control, the styles of management and the practice of surveillance in selected CCTV systems in each of the seven capitals (except Madrid).

The project will study the social effects of CCTV surveillance in terms of changes in criminal and every-day behaviour by analysing crime statistics and interviewing observed.

More information: Dr. László Molnár
Tel.: +36-1-463-2141; e-mail: molnarl@eik.bme.hu

UrbanEye homepage: http://www.urbaneye.net


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