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Study material for the Jean Monnet course (BMEGTK449342):
1. Jean Monnet Study Material_Part 1
2. Jean Monnet Study Material_Part 2

Knowledge management
29 August 2005
Our collagues contributed to a new volume on knowledge management. (Buzás Norbert (Ed.): Tudásmenedzsment és tudásalapú gazdaságfejlesztés. SZTE Gazdaságtudományi Kar Közleményei 2005. JATEPress, Szeged.)
Imre Hronszky: Foundations of Innovation Politics from Evolutionary Point of View (abstract)
This study has four parts. The first part is about justification of innovation policy. One basic layer of this justification is to be found in the development of the study of dynamics of instable systems and complex evolutionary systems. The study briefly takes into account the characteristics of innovation as a stylised phenomenon, then contrasts the neoclassical and the evolutionary approach. Its basic statements are: there is satisfying background for justification of a consequent innovation policy. This is to be found in the evolutionary view based on the dynamics of instable systems. In contrast to this, neoclassical approach is non-consequent in relation to these conceptual criteria. The evolutionary approach offers numerous advantages in terms of qualitative insights. Their inclusion begun into the research on innovation policy and in first steps into innovation policy itself.

László Várkonyi: The Role of Technology Management Methods in Innovation Politics (abstract)
Knowledge society not only requires more information, but the formation of new types of knowledge as well. The elaboration of socially and environmentally valuable innovations is increasingly emphasized, as the enhancement of competitiveness is more and more fulfilled through innovative products representing social values. In its realisation, public participation based constructive technology assessment strategy oriented management methods represent significant tools with their integration in technology development processes, with the emphasized possibility of user involvement. Consideration of complex characteristics and qualitative aspects of technological risk, the joint management of precaution, participation and risk taking and furthermore frameworks and tools applicable in more institutional spheres become basically necessary, which involve challenges of the formation of the integration of relevant knowledge and of their reflective application. The author highlights through his Danish research experience, the application of constructive technology assessment, technology foresight and prospective technology analysis on several levels of the multipolar value system society and moreover their increasing embeddedness into the entire of institutional spheres. Application of this knowledge in management and strategic decision-making, furthermore its increased utilisation in innovation policy become significant tool.
Keywords: innovation, constructive technology assessment, technology management, innovation policy

Challenges for the enlarged EU

Women in Set in European Union and Hungary
Toronto, 6 October 2004
Mária Palasik delivered a lecture about Women in Set in European Union and Hungary at the workshop Women and Technology: Global Transformation held at the IBM CASCON (IBM Centre for Advanced Studies Conference supported by IBM and National Research Council of Canada). She took part as the guest of The Center for Women and Information Technology at the University of Maryland, organizer of the workshop
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Graz, 12-19 September 2004
University of Graz, Austria. Assoc Prof. Dr. Mária Palasik as representative of BUTE took part at the SEE-HEAD (Southeast Europe Higher Education Administration Development) workshop, organized by the Salzburg Seminar.

Enlarging Europe with/for women scientists
Tallin, September 9-10, 2004
Mária Palasik as members of National Delegation  took part at the Enwise valorisation Conference. "Enlarging Europe with/for women scientists" Tallinn, September 9-10, 2004 - was a one and half day conference, gathering around 250 stakeholders from the 32 countries represented in the Helsinki Group on Women and Science, was organised in Estonia to widely debate the facts and findings of the Enwise final report and to validate the recommendations put forward by the Enwise Expert Group. Invitations to participate in the conference, as members of National Delegations, have been issued by the European Commission, based on proposals made by the Helsinki Group members.

State Regulation of Birth in the 1950's Hungary
Winnipeg, 30 May 2004
Mária Palasik, associate professor delivered lecture about State Regulation of Birth in the 1950's Hungary at the University of Manitoba, (Winnipeg, Canada) at the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at the 20th annual conference of Hungarian Studies Association of Canada on 30 May 2004. The Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada (HSSFC), which represents more than 24,000 researchers in 67 learned societies and 69 universities and colleges in Canada, organises the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities in co-operation with a different Canadian university each year. This congress of more than 6,000 researchers from around the world was held from May 29 to June 6. The Congress was feature interdisciplinary symposiums, cultural events and public discussion. The purpose of the Congress is to promote a better understanding of the importance for Canada and the world of teaching and research in the social sciences and humanities. It also gave researchers a chance to meet, and better understand, one another. Scholars have met the professor Em?ke Szathmáry, the rector of University of Manitoba.

May 2004
IPTS Report (Institute for Prospective Technology Studies of the Joint Research Centre of the European Committee) has published an article about the Central European Innovative Area. Professor Imre Hronszky (head of our Department) is a co-author of this article [link]

Forum on Sustainable Technological Development in a Globalising World
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:: Download: Abstract of the Forum (in .pdf)

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2003. október 15.
The topics for the first year workshop focus on:
  • How to make rational decisions for technological development under conditions of uncertainty (the problem of understanding, living in and managing an Uncertain World)
  • Problems of technological innovation in a changing social environment mainly from point of view of environmental sustainability and its social prerequisites
Organising committee of the workshop :
  • Prof. Dr. Imre Hronszky, Budapest University of Technology and of Economics (BUTE), as co-chairperson
  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Banse, Forschungszentrum/Karlsruhe (FZK/ITAS), as co-chairperson
  • Dr. Gilbert Fayl, foreign secretary of the European Academy of Sciences and the Arts (EASA)
  • Mr. Peter Gresiczki, Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO
  • Prof. Gordon Nelson, Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)
  • Prof. Nicanor Ursua Lezaun, University of Basque Country
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Book of the UrbanEye workshop released
26th September 2003
Edited by Dr. László Molnár, a book of presentations of the international conference held at BUTE in January is just released...
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International conference in Potsdam
23rd September 2003
Co-workers of our department, Dr. Zoltán Galántai and Béla Csiszér participated on the international conference in Potsdam...
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Dr. Mária Palasik's presentation in Prague
8th July 2003
Mária Palasik, associate professor of our department delivered lecture about "Women at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics" at the Charles University in Prague at the International Conference June 8-11, 2003...
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Dr. Mária Palasik's presentation in Halifax
8th July 2003
Mária Palasik, associate professor of our department delivered a lecture about "Setting women to work during the extensive industrialisation in the 1950's Hungary" at the Dalhousie University in Halifax...
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Dr. Stefan Poser's presentation
16th June 2003
Guest of our department, Dr. Stefan Poser (BTU Cottbus, Germany) will hold a presentation at BME Oktatói Klub...
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Professor Virender K. Sharma's presentation
26th May 2003
Research partner and guest of our department, prof. Virender K. Sharma (Florida Institute of Technology, USA) will hold a presentation at Ch.310...
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Professor Jim Nyce's presentation
20th May 2003
Professor Jim Nyce (Emporia State University) holds an approx. 1-hour presentation. Organizer of the event is our department...
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Expertise and Its Interfaces
29th April 2003
With the title "Expertise and Its Interfaces", Prof. Dr. Imre Hronszky's book was newly presented by "edition sigma", Berlin...
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Observation of the observers
13th December 2002
International Conference arranged by the UrbanEye Project of the EU 5th frame-program and by our Department...
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