Dr. Zoltán Galántai

Associate professor of the Innovation Management and History of Technology Department (Technical Univ. of Budapest)


B. A. in Hungarian literature and language - history - history, methodology and theory of science and technology (ELTE, BTK 1989)
MTA Scholarship (1989-1992)
Teaching assistant (TU/Budapest, 1992-1996)
dr. Univ (history of technology, 1996)
Assistant lecturer (TU/Budapest, 1997-2002)
Ph.D. (informatics and philosophical sciences, 2002)
Associate professor (TU/Budapest, 2002-)

Courses taught:

Inventions and Things of Interest (TU/Budapest)
Digital Culture (TU/Budapest)
History of science (University of Fine Arts)


Praebionics (OTKA, 1995-1997)
History of time measuring (OTKA, 1997-1999)
Historical Ways to the Information Society (MTA Bolyai Scholarship, 1999-2001)
History of the personal computer (OTKA, 1999-2001)


Head of the Cybermedia Research Group (TU/Budapest) since 1996
Member of the National Scientific Academy's Compex Committee of the History of Technology, Methodological Subcommittee (since 1997)
Member of the Privacy International's European Committe (since 2002)

Personal Activites:

Secretary of the TEMPUS S_JEP 09457-95 Project (1996)
Member of the "Új Alaplap" (monthly computer magazine) editorial board (since 1998)
Editor in chief of the Jövőnéző infotaitment television programme (1998-1999)
Editor in chief of the Jövőnéző electronic newsletter (1999-2001)
Editor in chief of the Delta scientific television programme (1999-2000)
Editor in chief of the Stop! news portal (2000-2001)
Editor in chief of the Peivacy Hírlevél electronic newsletter (since 2001)


English: medium state degree
Latin: basics




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